2017 Results - Jacksonville, FL


The 2017 ASSC was held at the Jacksonville Clay Target Sports center in sunny Florida from 15 - 19 May 2017, following the General Pletcher Open the weekend prior.

First time ASSC attendees at the 2017 event included: Snuffy Smith, Bill Berry, William Bolds, John Hale, David Haviland, John Jones, Josh Kamis, Tyler McMillian, Santo Merlo, Hurley Merritt, Jack Mills, William Pino, Gene Provost, David Reed, William Rice, Charles Rossetter Jr, Jay Smith, Harry Snyder, Mark Thompson, Joe Traylor, Kevin Vanderiff, Lesley Van Nort, Foy VonDolteren and Frederick Wood. Check Names

Marco Hangar.jpg

2017 Hall of Fame Banquet

The 2017 ASSC participants were in for a treat when they attended the annual Hall of Fame and awards banquet.  This year the banquet was held at the Marco Hangar, which houses exciting pieces of aviation history.  David Marco graciously opened his hangar for event guests, which houses several iconic aircraft dating back to the oldest, a 1938 Lockheed 12A, each which have been fully restored.

This hangar also includes the Willy’s jeep of World War II as well as a replica of a Quonset hut in England.  It holds artifacts and a small bar, all hidden beneath camouflage coverings.  The event couldn’t have been in a better venue to honor the memories and service of U.S. and Allied wartime veterans.

At the banquet, the silent auction held several wonderful items including a Model 1100 Limited Edition and Model M1911 Limited Edition.  Also donated was a beautiful quilt by Kathy and Steve Johnstone.

Bill Wilson was high bidder for the Remington 1100
TW Williams was the high bidder for the M1911 Pistol
Fred Wood was high bidder for the donated quilt