AFSA Leadership

COL Naler.jpg

President - Chris Naler, USMC (Retired)


Vice President - Steve Johnstone, US Navy (Retired)

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Secretary / Communications - Katie Hunt, USA (Vet)

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Treasurer - Andy Ulsher, US Army (Retired)

Mike Brazzell.jpg

Historian - Mike Brazzell, USAF (Retired)

Army Directors

COL Matt Hamilton - Active Duty
Sam Armstong - Veteran
Brad Felton - Retired
Fred Tschantz - Veteran

Navy Directors

CDR John Snyder - Active Duty
LT Michael Lee - Active Duty
Don Root - Retired
David Allan - Veteran

Marine Corps Directors

Brandon Rys - Active Duty
Ron (Hoss) Hostinsky - Retired
Kevin Suitt - Retired
Brian D’Souza - Veteran

Air Force Directors

MSgt Andrew Winders - Active Duty
Jerry Wasson - Retired
Bill Wilson - Retired
Billy D. Williams - Veteran

Coast Guard Directors

FS1 Brian Hill - Active Duty
Jim Simmons - Retired
John Swidrak - Retired
Rick Andrews - Veteran

NSSA Directors
01 January 2017 - 31 December 2018 Term

Zone 9 Committeeman:
Dave Wood, US Army, Retired

Army: Dave Wood
Air Force: Charles Thompson
Navy: John Snyder
Marines: Chris Naler
Coast Guard: Robin Wendt

Directors Emeritus

Ed Hughes
Pat Knutson
Joe Pierce

  • Officers are elected during odd-numbered years for a two (2) year commitment, taking office on 1 July after the election.

  • Service directors take office at the next directors' meeting immediately after their election.

  • Service directors who resign or can no longer serve are replaced by the board of directors before their term expires.

  • Nominees for officer positions must personally confirm with the Secretary that they are willing to serve in the nominated position.

  • Nominations not followed upon or accompanied by email acceptance will not be considered until the ASSC event.

  • NSSA directors are elected through the NSSA election process in even numbered years, not at AFSA membership meetings.

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