Host the ASSC

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Hosting the ASSC is a neat opportunity for clubs and can offer the following benefits to the host club:

1. It is a unique shooting event that would allow the host club to conduct their own registered shoot both BEFORE and AFTER the ASSC, giving a probable number of 50-70 shooters and the profit from both events.

2. The ASSC is very easy to host as the AFSA provides most logistical and administrative functions including registration, referees, scoring, awards, etc.  The host club has minimal responsibilities as outlined in the sample letter below, while reaping the benefits of revenue from practice rounds, food and beverage sales, RV sites, and ammunition sales.

3. This can convey the host clubs' support for members of the Armed Forces and create a network across the nation that can positively market your club and facilities in the future to other members of the Armed Forces as well as friends and family

Above is the letter that the AFSA Secretary, Darron Todd, sends to eligible clubs each January.  The ASSC and bidding to host the event can seem complicated, so we suggest you read this letter which outlines the responsibilities of both AFSA and the host club, while also explaining the bid process.

We prefer submissions via email as it is easier for you to include required attachments, but you may may submit online or send bids via mail at any time if that is the most convenient method.

The above web form is solely for clubs that desire to bid on hosting the ASSC. Simply fill out the above form and click the "Submit Bid for ASSC" button. It will be sent to the website manager who will forward your bid to the appropriate parties for processing.


All bids must be submitted by April 1st the year prior to desired host date
(e.g. 1 April 2019 for the 2020 ASSC).

Send scanned copies via email to:

If you do not receive a confirmation email from the Secretary within 3 days, please contact Katie Hunt


Below is a sample criteria matrix that the Directors
will use when voting on the next club to host the ASSC:

Club CriteriaClub #1Club #2Club #3Club #4Club #5
Bid per 100 Targets$15.00$14.00$22.00$19.00$16.00
Cost of Practice Rounds$5.00$4.00$6.00$4.75$4.00
# of Fields / # of Lighted Fields11 / 210 / 013 / 1350 / 1012 / 4
# of RV Sites8 - 50 amp & 17 - 30 amp16 - 30 amp & additional local sites10215412 - on site &105 - local sites
ASSC Shoot Dates8-12 May, 20178-12 May, 201715-19 May, 201715-19 May, 2017Any Week in May
Club Shoot Dates5-7 May, 201712-14 May, 201712-14 May, 201712-14 May, 2017Weekend Prior
Can Banquet Be Held on Local Base or Military Facilitiy?VFWNoYesMaybeYes
Are State Fees Waived?WaivedClub will Donate to offset feesWaivedWaivedWaived
# of Practice Fields432-44+5
Is there a Club FFL or alternate Method?Members hold FFLClub President holds FFLNoFFL to FFL availableYes
Does Club Hold Insurance?YesYesNoYesYes
Other Items to ConsiderWill offer a Wed. Night BuffetWill offer a Monday night Buffet Will host Monday Event