Registration for the 2019 ASSC is Available!!

Registration Payment


Todd Bender has agreed to host a free shooting clinic on May 9th based on the number of interested shooters. Priority will go to first time attendees and then to BCDE shooters and finally to all other participants. Please indicate your interest in attending during your registration.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Chris Naler. If you already registered and are now interested, please reach out to Katie Hunt. They will do their best to assist.


Shooters should establish appropriate military status with the NSSA so their NSSA membership card displays all current concurrent classifications.

If unable to complete this before the ASSC, please bring your DD Form 214 or appropriate ID to registration.

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Shooters are responsible for correctly registering in respective classes, concurrent events, and team events as well as verifying scores posted after event completion.

At the registration desk, shooters can update current averages, events in which they are participating, and team event information. Shooters MUST re-classify after shooting the General Pletcher Open before shooting in their first ASSC event.

Shoot management retains the right to squad individual shooters on any squad that has a vacancy, or to combine less than full squads as necessary.

Please be prepared to pay with cash or check.


Classification Tables are listed below for your reference or can be downloaded in pdf format.

No shooter will be classified lower in HOA than their lowest class in any one gun.
***Please note the below classification table is from the NSSA.  For the ASSC, HOA awards for D/E classes will be combined.***

Class122028410DBLsHOA (400)HAA (500)Class
AAA*.9850 & Over.9825 & Over.9800 & Over.9650 & Over.9700 & Over.9781 & Over.9765 & OverAAA*
AA.9750 - .9849.9700 - .9824.9650 - .9799.9450 - .9649.9500 - .9699.9638 - .9780.9610 - .9764AA
A.9600 - .9749.9450 - .9699.9400 - .9649.9100 - .9449.9100 - .9499.9388 - .9637.9330 - .9609A
B.9350 - .9599.9100 - .9449.9050 - .9399.8600 - .9099.8500 - .9099.9025 - .9387.8920 - .9329B
C.9000 - .9349.8550 - .9099.8550 - .9049.8000 - .8599.8000 - .8499.8525 - .9024.8420 - .8919C
D.8550 - .8999Under .8550Under .8550Under .8000Under .8000.7925 - .8524.7820 - .8419D
EUnder .8550    Under .7925Under .7820E